Val D’Isere’s Rocking Apres Ski

Val D'IsereWe’ve been skiing for 4 days now, and we’re trying to get the most out of it as the snow is melting faster than butter on hot toast.

Its mid twenties in the mid afternoon.  The girls are improving so quickly,  its great to be able to take them on most runs and know they can get down.  I took them skiing down a couple of runs on my own yesterday afternoon- and aside from dropping their poles, losing skiis, and having to strip down mid run for a urgent wee-wee stop to the amusement of many passers by, it was relatively okay !  I now ski behind them yelling “slowwww dowwwn!!”  so that if they fall or lose a ski, I can get there from above, not below!

Down one particular run called Verte – it ends here – at La Follie Douce.  What a rocking Apres Ski party!  Most people get the lift down after this place, as skiing would be hazardous after such a rocking party, which is every day after 3.30.   Next time I go there, it will be with no kids so we can stay and enjoy it for a few hours.

Saturday afternoon – that is where I’ll be to finish my week of skiing.


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